The #1 Global ERP Platform for IT Professional’s, Resellers and more.

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Thousands of users, in 22 countries, process and resell over $800,000,000 of IT products annually. By far the most complete ERP for the industry with the most modules, advanced features and customer proven workflows for ITAD, Telecom, Servers, Notebooks, Phones and Parts resellers.

Who we are

The #1 Global ERP Platform for IT Professional’s, Resellers and more

IQ reseller was originally formed in August 2001 to serve the needs of IT resellers and recyclers who sell services and maintain the global IT infrastructure. Over the years IQ reseller became the #1 Global ERP Platform used by IT resellers and ITAD professionals to run their businesses. With thousands of users in 22 countries use IQ reseller for ITAD processing and reselling over $850,000,000 of IT products annually. IQ reseller is the most complete ERP for the industry with the most modules, advanced features, and customer-proven workflows for ITAD, Telecom, Servers, Notebooks, Mobile Parts resellers and even more industries now.

Predominantly in the resellers market of IT equipment,  IQ reseller offers several packages designed to fulfill the needs of IT resellers and IQ professional’s . The packages include integration with standard accounting software such as QuickBooks and APIs to allow companies to bolt on any application they choose. IQ reseller contains critical features and technology unavailable in the other products such as net profit commission reports based on actual costs. 

IQ reseller drives decreased costs and increased profit for IT resellers and recyclers who sell, service, maintain and dispose of the global IT infrastructure.

Markets we Service

Are you a company that resells goods?  IQ’s ultimate inventory solution can help you track alternative part numbers, product and serialized inventory. IQ has been designed to be flexible enough to build around how you want to do business.

IT Hardware and Services
IQ reseller’s platform addresses the needs of resellers focusing on used and refurbished products.
IT Asset Disposition

IQ reseller’s platform can help ITAD properly manage the end of life of an IT asset within its lifecycle for large scale businesses. 


IQ reseller’s platform meets the needs of IT resellers specializing in mobile devices and consumer electronics with the ability to track detailed information such as IMEI, ESN, Carrier, Lock Status; as well as the testing results from each unique device.

Telecom and Networking
IQ reseller’s platform targets the unique needs of Telecom IT resellers, such as cross-referencing CLEI and HECI part numbers to manufacturer part numbers.
Components and IC Parts

IQ reseller’s platform has been optimized for resellers of Electronic Components and IC Parts with ability to bring in large lots of products without having to resort to cost averaging. This means you can move large quantities of chips and transistors while still being able to keep the unique cost accurate and even track serial numbers.


IQ reseller’s platform has been optimized for resellers within the solar space. If you are a Solar Broker, Supplier, Contractor or installer: IQ can help you track and sell your used solar equipment and manage your business in an ever growing and changing market.

The Product
Purchasing and selling made easy:

IQ has one of the most advance quoting, purchasing, and selling tools within the reseller/ITAD industry. These tools have been designed by personnel that have all lived and worked in the same environment as you! We know the importance of knowing what you are purchasing or selling, so we’ve put the information at your fingertips.

Top 5 benefits of our Purchasing and Selling Module:

1. Easily access historical pricing and costing data with our digital archive of all historical items.
2. Create multiple POs for easy order fulfillment
3. Quoting? Easily create a quote right to a Sales Order
4. Consignments made easy! Have a consignment deal? Just apply the percentage due to the client and let IQ handle the split for you automatically!
5. Net Profit Commissions built right into IQ. IQ’s advanced commission reporting is designed to provide you with actual margin with the ability to perform rep splits and consignment splits with simplicity
Real-time inventory

IQ gives you FULL control over your inventory from the moment the inventory item is generated and until the item is removed from the system. We allow for alternative part numbers, product inventory attributes, custom bill of materials, kitting, quickly grade and code your product to meet all requirements, perform part add, removal, and breakdowns with a click of a mouse! Our ultimate inventory will allow you to track your inventory items every step of the way with real-time tracking on who did what and when.

The ultimate top 5 reasons to use IQ’s real-time inventory
1. IQ’s “One Touch’ process allows your operation to speed up processing time, report back inventory discovery and ensure 100% data accurate inventory with one touch.

2. IQ’s Inventory tracking allows you to track who did what and when any inventory item has been entered into the system. Without a tracking system, we will enable you to track substitute items associate item numbers, non-inventory (services) items and bulk items; which will allow you to follow by quantity and cost only.

3. Advance part adds and part removal features allow you to add or remove components with a click of the mouse! If you remove an item from the main item, the cost can follow the part or start with the original item. Adding parts allows the item’s price to increase with the part but still tracks the actual cost.

4. Built-in kitting, this feature will allow you to define kits within IQ reseller from the master item screen. It also will let you track the number of kits available for a particular item using your current inventory. Kits can automatically be allocated right to the sales order based on the item added to the sales order.

5. Cycle counting made easy. We understand that products can move fast, and this industry is changing even more quickly, so we know that organizations need to keep track of their high volume fast-selling grade A products. That is why we developed a cycle counting tool to regularly count and audit a specific subset of inventory with a simple scan gun and our custom-designed inventory labels.

IQ believes in choices! You should never be locked down to one specific application; but instead, incorporate many into an all in one system. If you prefer Quickbooks accounting, we integrate with Quickbooks online for the USA or build your own with our 350+ API endpoints.

However, there are many advances with IQ’s built-in accounting. Our accounting was built with resellers and ITAD’s like yourself to include industry-specific features to meet the needs of power users like you.
A few advantages are:
– Commission Report detail: Drill down to see the ledger sessions which make up the content revenue shares and rep margin of that transaction.
– Received payments from customers applied to invoices or open sales easily. Transactions move to Paid tab for an easy-to-read dashboard.

– Print checks to vendors from multiple bank accounts and foreign accounts. IQ supports multi-currency.

– Bank reconciliation with references to any transaction or Journal Entry.
– Create Journal entries “on-the-fly” during the bank reconciliation.
– Create and see credits for any Invoice or Bill.

– Integrated Credit card processing with next-day funding.

– Automated supplier margin splits.

– IQ has a complete accounting General Ledger.

– Built-in taxes for any country and much, much more!
With automation comes the need to bring the power of reporting to your fingertips to ensure data-driven decisions. We understand the need for good reporting, and with our interactive financial reports, you can see all aspects of the organization for any period of time. Whether it is to see how profitable one client is or where their orders stand, to see profitably of the business, or to generate commissions report for reps. While we know all companies are different and want to see their data their way, IQ has built a customer report tool that allows you to create reports. Whether these reports are for clients, productions reports, or financial reports, if the data is in IQ, you can generate a report to view it how you wish.
Standard reports
Financials, inventory, product catalog, shipping, sales, purchasing, commission reporting, and more!

IQ offers over 350 endpoints that can allow you to virtually integrate with any software you choose with our powerful APIs. You can even check out one of the many integrations we offer straight out of the box!


Support is critical and should be easy! Our Integrated Global Support is working right within the application to ensure a quick and easy way to get your questions answered in the fastest way possible with our ticketing system, prompt chat support, or our toll-free support line for global support in any part of the world. Best of all, support is included in your monthly license fee.

Client Portal

The client portal was designed to allow ease of use for our customers to enable their clients to schedule pickups, view on-demand information, see reporting and view paid and unpaid invoices.

The client portal can allow ease of use for your clients to submit pickup requests or even submit a request for a purchase proposal right from the client portal.

The portal is built not to reflect IQ Reseller in any way; when you create a portal, IQ will not show, and users will never know when they are working within the portal.

The portal is built not to reflect IQ  in any way; when you create a portal, IQ will not show anywhere within the portal, and users will never know when they are working within the portal.

IQ Pay
IQ is one of the only applications designed and built for resellers and ITAD professionals like yourself that offers built-in credit card processing for simple payment collection of all of your orders. IQ Pay is an integrated credit card solution built by IQ and backed by Fullsteam Payment Processing.
Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about building a secure, seamless process.

Once you have made the decision

We understand that each implementation will bring its own unique needs. Our implementation process has been field-tested and proven with over 300+ customers and over 3,000 users im-plemented since the release of our cloud platform. The methodology that has formed this is that we focus on minimal frustration and ensure a smooth implementation to IQ. Our implementations are designed to be role and department-based to guarantee all areas are covered to ensure a successful performance. We believe that software takes buy-in from the entire organization, and with buy comes a complete working solution for your organization.
Implementation Process
IQ’s implementation process is a time-tested process that has been proven with hundreds of customers, over 3,000 daily users in 14 different countries. We understand the importance of a simplified guide to implementing IQ within your organization with this proven track record. Whether onsite, remotely, or a hybrid of both, our implementation of IQ will reduce cost, save time, and with our documentation, will all you and the team behind your organization to retain the knowledge. We do this within a 5-step process:
1. Discover
During the discovery phase, we will take the time to learn about your organization, each department, the challenges, issues, and we will look to where the organization wants to be.
2. Plan and develop
Once we have learned about the organization, it’s time to plan and design. During this time, we will take the time to show you how each module works within IQ. We will look to improve on the current process, recommend improvements and design a process that gives your organization the freedom to grow and adapt to the ever-changing business environment. Development is creating and developing a process around our software and an entire process from start to finish of your service/product offerings. While IQ is the most powerful out-of-the-box ERP system for this industry, this can include custom configurations to your instance.
3. Test

Is the system, process, and functionality aligning with the requirements of the project? Testing is the most critical phase of the project. We will train, test, and fine-tune the process and configuration of the system to ensure all of the business needs are met, and if they are not, we will tweak the process to ensure they are. Once the process is finely tuned, we train. We will teach each department and ensure all users are comfortable doing their job within IQ. When testing, it is critical that the process is well documented to ensure all ISO, R2, and a good training document is created for compliance.

4. Deployment
It is time for all the hard work to pay off. Before the go-live, we will meet and assess the situation and make sure all areas of the business are ready for the go-live. Up until this point, all final data will be loaded and validated to ensure correctness, and last-minute training will be done up until the go-live. IQ’s implantation consultant will be available onsite or remotely to ensure all questions are handled quickly for a smooth go-live.
5. Ongoing support
Just because the project is live and everything is running smoothly does not mean you lose support. Ongoing support is the most critical part of the implementation process. Support is included with IQ for the entire life of the system. IQ is always here to help your growing business learn IQ, enhance your user experience, and improve the process as time goes on. Without a support team and documents, we can help with getting new employees trained.
Self-Implementation Process

You just signed our month-to-month agreement as a company with maybe 1-2 users, and you think you’ve become involved in a situation in which you don’t have the necessary skills or knowledge.

There is no need to fear IQ’s self-implementation process. We make this easy for you to understand and set up your new database with IQ with the two-step process.

Step one
Schedule a kick-off meeting.
Step two
Our 30-minute tutorial video on setup will help start the implementation and configuration of IQ reseller. With IQ’s NEW smart guide, we have added documents and video tutorials on how each module works.
Still, have questions? Our support team is here to assist you in becoming successful. Reach out to support either with live chat, phone, email, or request help by submitting a ticket with our support center.
Moving from, a homegrown system? Outgrown or just no longer have a system that is cutting it for your business needs? Use a methodology that has been field-tested and proven. Let IQ help you navigate your ERP change no matter the size or challenges at hand. Our senior implementation specialists can access, draw, and implement the proper road map to ensure success.
Ongoing Support
Support doesn’t end after a successful launch, and we know that ongoing support is business-critical, and the company’s success depends on a well-supported system. That is why our global support team has decided to ensure you always have the best support possible with the ability to reach us by phone, email, live chat, and portal request. Our support knows the industry and feet on the ground for many years.
IQ's Automations

With IQ’s automation, IQ’s “OneTouch” processing process ensures that you have the fasted and most efficient way of automating erasure and diagnostics to ensure you can capture the correct information to maximize the sale of and secure the security of your equipment

Partners that support this technology Softhinks, Blancco, Aiken, WipeDrive, and many more

Partners we work with Quipt, BrokerBin, Shipstation, Solid Commerce, and more!

You can schedule and process shipments with our online integrations with FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Our workflow can cut order processing time up to 50%, increase customer service level, and eliminate data re-entry. Serialized barcode integration ensures that the correct items and quantities are shipped.

This will enable organizations who wish to still keep their current investment within Quickbooks and still take advantage of IQ Automation. Our QB sync process allows you to easily sync the bills created from your purchase orders and sync them over to Quickbooks for easy pay and management. The QuickBooks sync will also allow you to sync the invoices into Quickbooks back into IQ to let your organization take advance of IQ’s powerful commission reporting.

Allows for easy integration into several out-of-the-box integrations. IQ has partnered with several industry-leading automated e-commerce solutions. Connect your inventory and item database to your online presence.

Allows expanding your listings to include all of your substitutes for the parts you own for real-time listings on BrokerBin.

The automation we have built with Avalara allows taxes to be simple under the new NEXUS laws. IQ’s AvaTax integration is certified by Avalara to guarantee you will have the proper taxes all the time with no extra effort. You may purchase a base level package from Avalara in which IQ reseller stores the AvaTax calculated taxes. You print and file for each NEXUS, or select a premium plan and have Avalara file for you. Click here to learn more about Avalara –

IQ’s Implementation and Consulting process is a full-scale process that offers experience industry leaders with hands-on experience and skills to ensure a successful implementation tailored to your organization’s needs. IQ’s 5 step process ensures that we understand your business needs. We achieve this by 1. Discover, plan and design 2. Educate and Test 3. Train Train Train 4. Deployment 5. Post Support.

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Wipe OS
Plus Many More!
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